Discovering «Terra Nuova» with a LIKEaBIKE
Your child will gain experiences in a playful way on its LIKEaBIKE... the push-bike, the almost bicycle! During the first few careful attempts at riding the LIKEaBIKE your child will play with it, push it back and forth and discover how it works. Soon after it will realize that by sitting on the saddle and pushing forward, it can experience its first mobility on wheels. Gradually it will feel more secure on its new LIKEaBIKE, bravely pushing off with its feet to gain speed. If the bike goes too fast or threatens to tip over, your child will soon learn to regain control by steadying with the feet. Encouraged by these first feelings of success, any child will be able to move around confidently on the LIKEaBIKE in only a few days..

LIKEaBIKE – Harmoniy in form and manufacturing
Piece by piece, every LIKEaBIKE push-bike is crafted with thought and care. The well-balanced framework, the proportions and, of course, the focus on details make our product simply unique. LIKEaBIKE push-bikes will win you over with their robust construction combined with superb quality, whether it be the wooden LIKEaBIKE or the new aluminum JUMPER with its unique rear-end suspension system.  

When your child grows out of the LIKEaBIKE-age, its LIKEaBIKE will continue to be a very special item that will evoke fond and wistful childhood memories of early adventures.

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