LIKEaBIKE is an excellent push-bike for children from two to six years old. And when the kids grow out of the LIKEaBIKE age they’ll need an especially light bicycle with pedals: our LIKEtoBIKE.

Design and construction are aligned with the motor skills and coordination of this age group. The first vehicle to increase a child's mobility will become their favorite toy! Give your boy or girl the joy of their first mobility and support their urge to explore and discover new frontiers.
The LIKEaBIKE perfectly and naturally matches a two-year-old child's need for movement. LIKEaBIKE kids won't need training wheels later! Coordination, balance and motor skills development will already have been playfully practiced with the LIKEaBIKE. Your child's transition to its first bicycle with pedals will be an easy one and provide immediate feelings of success! Also, turning on skis or snowboards will be easier to learn for LIKEaBIKE kids due to their early and extensive balance training!
LIKEaBIKE is especially suited to children with motor development needs. Doctors and physiotherapists successfully incorporate LIKEaBIKEs in their therapies. 

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