Harmony in Shape and Manufacturing
Every LIKEaBIKE product is manufactured with special care, be it one of the wooden push-bikes, the playmates ROCKaBIKE and horsey Fjölna, or some thoughtfully crafted accessory. Our products are well designed and made to last: Don't be surprised to see the messenger bag accompanying your child through pre-school and kindergarten! Also, there aren't any sharp edges causing tears! The effective water based finish on all wooden parts prevents moisture damage. And, last but not least, replacement parts – should you ever need them - are available for years to come.

Smartly designed shapes and dimensions and obvious love for details make our products so unique. The high production standards resulting in excellent and lasting products are easily visible. Our popular LIKEaBIKE has withstood the test of time and has proven to be a true winner.

A LIKEaBIKE is the harmonious balance of driving comfort, safety, simple technique, unique design and excellent quality. It was only sensible to develop this idea and create ROCKaBIKE, the rocking device that turns the beloved LIKEaBIKE into a rocking bike, and endearing accessories such as 'Lorry', the trailer.

In a play with a wooden companion?
We are convinced that in no time at all LIKEaBIKE will be your child's steady companion in a world full of adventures. No matter if the imagination creates a real bike – just like dad's mountain bike – or a real horse. The affection connected to the LIKEaBIKE will always be very special and emotional, even many years later.
There is no doubt that the first experienced mobility on wheels, the first costume, the first role play as little wolf or bear, all induce distinct emotions. What enrichment to break out of familiarity with the wooden play companion for a short while!
Giving a child a push-bike to liven up it's imaginary world is not only a pleasurable sight to behold, it is gratifying to the giver.

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